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Indulge in Sweet Tradition!


Rocco's is a family owned and operated Italian Pastry Shop and Espresso Cafe since 1974. We make everything we sell right in our Bleecker Street store, using only the ingredients that will pass our personal preference for the products we make. We dont use trans fats and adhere to the strict food safety standards of New York City.

Our online shop has just some of our items that can be shipped to your home or business.

Rocco's Panettone

Rocco's Panettone

Our traditional panettone made fresh in our shop from recipes years in the making. Each cake holds its own story in Italian history.

Rocco's World Famous Cannoli

Rocco's World Famous Cannoli

Rocco's World Famous Canolli delivered to your home!

Lemon Drop Cookie Box

Rocco's Cookies

Rocco's wide variety of traditional, and not so traditional cookies, made every day in our shop for your to enjoy.


Rocco's Specialties

Rocco's wide array of traditional pastry, candy and other products that we enjoy making for our family and friends.


Rocco's will be adding items in the future.  You can signup for our newsletter below, or follow us on facebook or twitter as we make changes.  Please note that some of our great products cannot be shipped, and can only be picked up at our shop.  If you have any questions regarding availbility, please give us a call.